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Veteran's Biographies

Click on pictures to read more about Glen Rock Veterans

Please contact us if you have any more information about our Veterans

Special thanks to: 

GRHPS intern: Gayatri Muther

Girl Scout Silver Award Winners: Olivia Coppola and Dylan Antonelli

for their contributions to this project

Ludovicus M. Van Iersel
Richard Boonstra
Robert S. Fluhr
Charles Haeberle
David Darrin Higdon
Joseph Mallory
William Abbot
David Brooks
Douglas Oakley Ford
Robert T. Haskins
Robert L. Janowitz
Charles V. McHenry
Hubert Banks
Peter Ebbert
William Francis
Thomas Hawkins
James G. Barklie
Julius C. Fluhr
Richard A. Green
Betty Jo Hicks
Richard Lytle Long
George Cotton Munroe
Jacob Phillips
Richard Henry Schroeppel
Thomas Egan
Michael Ennis
Victor W. Simons
Charles Ruthberg
Stoffels__Richard_J_ (1)_edited.jpg
Richard J. Stoffels
Robert Freudenreich
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