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Please enjoy a trip back in time through photographs from our archives.

The Rock circa 1890

This is the oldest image we have of our Big Rock

The Rock

The Rock in the glen, from which our borough gets its name, was left here approximately 15,000 years ago by the Wisconsin glacier.  It is a "glacial erratic".  Weighing about 590 tons, geologists believe that our granite boulder was brought here by the glacier from the Hudson River Valley in New York State.

Broad Street

Near the intersection with Ackerman Avenue. Note the photographer's shadow in the right corner.

Street Scenes

Do you ever wonder what your neighborhood or your house looked like in the past?  These photos from our collection might give you a clue.

All Saints Episcopal Church

1919 postcard. (Marill postcard collection)

Around Town

Check out how things have changed around town over the years since Glen Rock became an independent borough in 1894.

Harding Road Gang

1970 Parade Theme: the Circus Comes to Glen Rock.

Fourth of July

Glen Rock's I.D.A. (Independence Day Association) was founded in 1939.  Marching bands and fancy floats have been a tradition on July 4th ever since.  For videos of old parades (and the town-wide fair afterwards), please check out our video links in the Gallery.

The unexcavated Rock

The Rock sits along a dirt Rock Road, circa 1890. The mailboxes belonged to families living on Doremus Aveue.

Albertina Hill Kidd Family Album


The Kidd family lived in Glen Rock and Ridgewood around the turn of the 20th century.  The photo album contains family scenes of everyday life, from about 1890 to the 1920s.


Thanks to the generosity of Albertina's great-great granddaughter, Jeannette Dan, we are able to share some of these photos with you.  

Courter construction crew, c. 1900

Adolph Hubschmitt (rear, far right) worked as a carpenter on his brother-in-law George Courter's crew. George Courter is in the front row, far right.

The Hubschmitt Family


The Hubschmitt family - Adolph, wife Fannie, and children George, Lilly and Mabel - were early residents of Glen Rock.  All were incredibly civic minded, holding positions of prominence in local government and organizations, including the Fire Department, the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary and the Community Church. The Historical Society is privileged to have many of the historic papers, photos and memorabilia that were collected by the Hubschmitts.


Special thanks to:

Kristin McGowan

Evan Tryforos



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