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Branch of Service: Army

Rank: Specialist 3rd grade

Service years: 1952-1955

Glen Rock: Moved to Glen Rock and served as the Borough Manager for 27 years

Robert D. Freudenrich was born in Pittsburg, PA in 1931 to Ruth and Charles Freudenrich. He lived there through his youth and attended the University of Pittsburg majoring in political science and graduating from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. 

In 1950, North Korea surprised the world by invading South Korea and forcing the Republic's forces down into the southern corner of the peninsula in the Pusan Perimeter. President Truman asked the Security Council for troops to defend the member state of South Korea.  Robert Freudenrich joined the war effort in 1952 as an information specialist. Bob spent most of the war stationed in Alaska in a special listening station trying to figure out what the communist forces of North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union were doing. 

After he returned to the lower 48 states, Bob married Frances M. Feduska and began working as the municipal manager in a series of towns in Pennsylvania. In 1970, Fran and Bob moved to Glen Rock where Bob found his "little bit of heaven" in our small town. Here, the Freudenrichs raised three sons and a daughter. Bob worked as the Borough Manager for 27 years until he retired in 1998. During his tenure, he spearheaded the creation of the borough recycling center and the Glen Rock Borough Calendar. He was also a past president of the New Jersey Municipal Management Association.

But Bob just became more active in the town after retirement. He was the president of the Rotary Club and maintained memberships in Post 850 Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, the Freemasons, and the Lions Club. Bob also served on the board of Glen Courts and was an active congregant at the Community Church of Glen Rock. 


Born: 1931 Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Died: 2021 Glen Rock, New Jersey

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