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Branch of Service: Army

Rank: Private First Class

Service years: 1942-1944

Honors: Purple Heart

Glen Rock: Grew up on Dean Street, Glen Rock

Joseph Mallory was born in Glen Rock, New Jersey in 1914 to Eugene and Mary Mallory. He grew up on Dean Street and attended Central School, Glen Rock Junior High School, and then Ridgewood High School where he was an outstanding track runner, excelling in the 800-yard race. He graduated from Ridgewood in 1941 and married Elise Linton of Ridgewood. He worked for a florist in Ridgewood after graduation. In March of 1942, he was called by the Selective Service Act to active duty and trained in Camp Croft, South Carolina. His daughter was born and Joseph Mallory had the opportunity to see her in the fall of 1943 when he was on furlough.  That was the only time he ever saw his daughter.  He was also the cousin of Hubert Banks, from Glen Rock who died in North Africa during the war. 

     He was assigned to California and then shipped out to the South Pacific.  He was part of the 93rd Infantry Division and was sent to be part of the invasion of Bougainville in the Solomon Island chain.  This was part of Operation Cartwheel, where General Douglas McArthur was moving through the Solomon Island chain to start get close to Papua New Guinea and begin his movement towards returning to the Philippines. Private Mallory was killed in action during the early fight for the island. 


Born: 1914 Glen Rock, New Jersey

Died: 1944 Bougainville, Solomon Islands

Members of the 93rd infantry in the jungles of Bougainville April 3, 1944
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