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Branch of Service: Army

Rank: First Lieutenant

Service years: 1970-1971

Honors: Purple Heart and Bronze Star

Glen Rock: Grew up in Glen Rock on Thornbury Ave

     Richard Green grew up in Glen Rock on Thornbuty Ave, graduating from Glen Rock High School in 1966. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Green. He was an Eagle Scout, a high school fencer, and an active member of All Saints Youth Group. Richard Green went onto The United States Military Academy at West Point where he majored in science and fenced in NCAA competitions. While he was a cadet, his parents moved to New York State and then to Manchester Vermont.  Richard Green stayed connected to the town of Glen Rock when he proposed to Catherine McCrohan who was a Glen Rock High School graduate of the class of 1968. They were married in July of 1970 right after he graduated from West Point. 

    First Lieutenant Richard A. Green was a platoon leader serving with F Troop, 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry. He first served in West Germany and then October of 1970  was shipped out to Vietnam. On the night of December 3, 1971, 1LT Green was in charge of positioning a squad from F Troop on an ambush patrol west of Ben Suc in Tay Ninh Province, RVN. While checking the locations of his men, Green was mistaken for an enemy soldier and was fired on. He was fatally injured in the incident. 

Born: 1948, Glen Rock, New Jersey

Died: 1971 Tah Ninh, Republic of Vietnam

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