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Open Houses

October 29th is the next Open House, please join us from 1 pm-3 pm to check out our new exhibits and projects. 

Our Museum at the Station, located inside the Main Line Train Station at 176 Rock Road, Glen Rock, is open on the LAST SUNDAY of each month, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  GRHPS volunteers will be on hand to answer any questions and to provide background on our collection.  There is no entrance fee, although donations are gladly accepted in Ye Olde Tip Jar.

Next Open House
October 29th, 1 pm-3 pm
A Look at the Centennial Time Capsule

We look forward to seeing you there!



Glen Rock's Carl Kemm Loven Architect, Designer of Dreams

October 27th, 7-8 pm at the Glen Rock Public Library. Please register for this amazing event at 

National Historic Marker Day:


GRHPS and the Glen Rock High School Key Club participated in National Historic Marker Day on April 29.  Key Club students went around town cleaning the 4 Bergen County historic sites found in Glen Rock. The students worked at the Hopper Homestead on the corner of Ackerman and Hillman, the Hopper House on the corner of Prospect and Locust, the Old Red School House on the corner of Ackerman and Rock Road, the Hopper Family Cemetary on Spottswood.

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Olivia(s3) Thompson, Pugliese, Belasco and Zoe Hazeldean Betz at the Hopper Homestead.jpg
Zoe Hazeldean Betz at the Hopper House.jpg
Amanda Chan and Jay Fair Child at the Little Red School House.jpg
Olivia Belsco at the Hopper Homested.jpg
Olivia Thompson Olivia Belasco Olivia Thompson.jpg
Olivia Pugliese, Olivia Belasco and Olivia Thompson Hopper Cemetary.jpg
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