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Happy Birthday, GRPD!

September 2018 marks the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of a formal Glen Rock Police Department.  To honor this occasion, Rick van Rumpt and Glen Rock TV have created this wonderful video  featuring Chief Dean Ackermann and Det. Sgt. James Calaski.  Approx. 25 minutes running time.  Click here to watch the video.

Vintage Glen Rock 4th of July Parades


Through a joint project between the GRHPS and Glen Rock TV, vintage footage of Fourth of July celebrations has been converted to digital format and is now viewable on the GRIDA Vimeo channel, as well as Glen Rock TV. For more vintage footage, you can also purchase a DVD of "The Rock in the Glen", a film produced in 1964 for New Jersey's 300th birthday, by contacting us at (price: $15). 

A Ride Through Glen Rock


Enjoy this excerpt from our 1964 history film, "The Rock in the Glen".  You can purchase the 50-minute DVD by contacting us at (price: $15).  All DVD sales help fund our IDA film digitization project.  You can also purchase this DVD at our Museum at the Station. 

Postcards of Glen Rock


Take a look at this fantastic slideshow video of vintage Glen Rock postcards.

Nazi Spy Video

"A Nazi Spy From Glen Rock" - 2017 version

For those who missed the program given by James Calaski, here is the taped version from Spring 2017, courtesy of Glen Rock TV.  Program runs about 1 1/2 hours.  Jim has given his presentation several times over the last couple of years and has added even more gripping material to the saga in this latest version.

House History Video

This program was given at the Glen Rock Public Library in November 2016.  The program was taped by Rick van Rumpt and Glen Rock TV.  It runs about 1 hour.

Learn a bit about Glen Rock history and the many house styles that make up our lovely borough.  This program is presented by Glen Rock Borough Historian Sue Tryforos, architect Xiomara Paredes, and realtor Michael Shetler of Keller Williams.  It runs about 35 minutes.

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