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Branch of Service: Army

Rank: Private

Service years: 1942

Glen Rock: Lived in Glen Rock on Ackerman Ave

Robert Theodore Haskins was born on April 30, 1916, in Springwood, Virginia to Robert Sr and Julia Haskins. Robert Haskins Jr. attended the Springwood schools and moved to Ackerman Ave in Glen Rock, New Jersey during his teenage years moving nearer to his Aunts and Uncles who also lived in Glen Rock. He worked in various Ridgewood companies, which included Irving Drug Store and Schweinfurth's Florist.  He was also quite active in the Mt. Bethel Baptist Church of Ridgewood and served as the president of the Church Junior Choir.  Haksins enlisted in the US Army on September 15, 1942, and entered a pilot training program with the 64th Air Division, Hare Field, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  His next assignment was supposed to be at Patterson Field, Fairfield, Ohio as a member of the 99th Aviation Squadron but before his final pilot training could be completed Haskin died on November 15, 1942, due to an illness.  He left behind his wife, Lucy Haskin, and sister, Mabel Carter, in Glen Rock. He was buried in the Jackson Baptist Church Cemetery in Springwood, Virginia, which was his birthplace. 

Born: 1916, Springwood, Virginia

Died: 1942 Patterson Airforce Base, Ohio

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