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Branch of Service: Army

Rank: Specialist 4th class

Service years: 1965-1967

Glen Rock: Lived on Beekman Place, Glen Rock

Thomas Egan was born to Erma and John Egan in Jersey City, NJ. His family moved to North Bergen where Tom went through the school system. Tom was the youngest of 8 children.

In 1965, Tom was drafted into the US Army and trained as a medic in the First Calvary Division.  The 1st Calvary went through many changes in its history, from its formation in 1921 in Fort Cavos, Texas where horses were used, to tanks in World War II and the Korean Conflict, to the use of Huey helicopters in the Vietnam War where Egan was a medic. These helicopters were the most important tool the US Army had during this war due to the climate of Vietnam. Using these Hueys, the unit inserted soldiers into landing zones, sometimes "hot," removing them and the wounded. This is where Tom Egan, as a medic, worked during his time "in country." 

Egan completed his tour of duty and returned to New Jersey, where his mother had moved, due to the death of his father, to Glen Rock, New Jersey. When he returned he married Noreen Sisco, who was in nursing school with his sister.  They lived on Beekman Place in Glen Rock and raised two sons, Daniel and James (Jamie), while Tom worked at a variety of food industry companies until he retired from Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company in 2004 after 25 years there. 

According to his son, Tom's retirement allowed his passion for service to the Glen Rock community to flourish.  He was never so busy or so happy as when he was working to help others. Tom worked in the Readiness Program at the Teaneck Armory, volunteered at Eva's Kitchen, and received the 2009 Jubilee Award for his work there, he was a member of Saint Catherine's Church in Glen Rock and was a homeless greeter there, he worked in many different parts of Glen Rock recreational athletics, and was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 850.  Egan eventually became the post commander and had the VFW Post named after his amazing contributions.

Tom Egan passed in 2011 while still living and serving the people of Glen Rock.


Born: 1945 Jersey City, New Jersey

Died: 2011 Glen Rock, New Jersey

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